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All My Life

Laurent Courthaliac, piano label: jazz&people distribution: harmonia mundi référence: JPCD816004

Fabien Mary: trumpet Bastien Ballaz: trombone Dmitry Baevsky: alto saxophone David Sauzay: tenor saxophone Xavier Richardeau: baritone saxophone Clovis Nicolas: bass Pete Van Nostrand: drums Jon Boutellier (Amazing Keystone Big Band), orchestration

1. He loves and she loves 2. Strike up the band 3. All my life - Sam H. Stept 4. Ev'ryone says 'I love you' - Harry Ruby 5. Looking at you - Cole Porter 6. But not for me 7. You brought a new kind of love to me - Sammy Fain 8. I've got a crush on you 9. Just you, just me - Jesse Greer 10. Embraceable you


Laurent Courthaliac Trio featuring Ron Carter Laurent Courthaliac : Piano Ron Carter : Bass Rodney Green : drums Clovis Nicolas : bass (5,7,8,10) November 2013 Jazz Village / harmonia mundi

Recorded by Chris Allen at Sear Sound, New York CIty on january 17th and 18th 2012 01 Nicaragua 02 With a Song in my Heart 03 Nica 04 Thelonica 05 I’m a Dreamer (Aren’t We All ?) 06 Pannonica 07 Acinonnap 08 Three Wishes 09 Broome St. Blues 10 If There Someone Lovelier Than You 11 Goodbye

The Scarlett Street

Laurent Courthaliac Laurent Courthaliac : piano Gilles Naturel : contrabass Philipe Soirat : drum March 2005 Nocturne

Recorded and mixe at studio du Petit Pont in June 2004 by Guillaume Billaux 01. Anyway (L.Courthaliac) 02. Scarlet street (L.Courthaliac) 03. Body & soul (Green-Sour-Heyman) 04. Nico's tune (L.Courthaliac) 05. Rosebud (L.Courthaliac) 06. Monkin' around (B.Harris) 07. Blue room (Rodgers-Hat) 08. If you were here (Delance-Brooks) 09. Heart & soul (Lobsser-Carmichael) 10. In walked buds (T.Monk) Voir le livret  

The music of Horace Silver

Yves Brouqui + 3 Yves Brouqui Laurent Courthaliac Mathias Allamane Joe Strasser May 2011 Believe / Elabeth

  1. Quicksilver
  2. Horacescope
  3. Love walk
  4. No smoking
  5. Creepin'in
  6. Yeah
  7. Sweet stuff
  8. The saint vitus dance
  9. Mayreh
  10. I remember dan

Kontomanou - Brewin the Blues

Brewin’ the blues

Elisabeth Kontomanou Elisabeth Kontomanou : voice Laurent Courthaliac : piano January 2009 Idol /Plus Loin Music

  1. Moanin' low
  2. Travelin' light
  3. Crazy he calls me
  4. Everything i have is yours
  5. Somebody's on my mind
  6. More than you know
  7. Deep song
  8. Tell me more & more & then some
  9. Rosebud
  10. No more
  11. The blues are brewin'
  12. I hadn't anyone 'till you
  13. I'm a fool to want you

Siren song : live at arsenal

Elisabeth Kontomanou Elisabeth Kontomanou, voice Jacques Mercier : Orchestre National de Lorraine Thomas Bramerie : contrabass Laurent Courthaliac : piano Donald Kontomanou : drums October 2009 Idol / Plus Loin Music

Recorded at Arsenal de Metz, 19th January 2008. ingénieur du son : Joël Perrot & Olivier Montagnon Mixage : Joël Perrot Mastering : Raphaël Jonin
  1. Siren song
  2. A flower is a lovesome thing
  3. Come sunday
  4. At last
  5. Summer
  6. A time for love
  7. Dreams of gold (are dreams for you)
  8. Farewell
  9. I put a spell on you

Luigi Trussardi - introspection


Luigi Trussardi Luigi Trussardi: contrabass & piccolo bass Laurent Courthaliac: piano François Ricard: drums David Sauzay: tenor saxophone Gaël Horellou: alto saxophone November 2001 Believe / Elabeth

  1. Intropection (monk thelonius)
  2. Hallucinations (powell baden)
  3. Op the funk (silver horace)
  4. Crepuscule with nelly (monk thelonius)
  5. Wee see (monk thelonius)
  6. Oblivion (powell baden)
  7. Salute to the band box (gryce g.)
  8. So sorry, please (powell baden)
  9. Ruby, my dear (monk thelonius)
  10. Shaw 'nuff (gillespie dizzy - parker charlie)
  11. My ship (weill kurt)


Gaël Horellou - David Sauzay Gaël Horellou : alto saxophone David Sauzay : tenor saxophone Laurent Courthaliac : piano David Menual : contrabass January 1999 Fresh Sound Record

Recorded at Maaleda Studios Barcelona, May 10th, 1999
  1. Evidence (Thelonious Monk)
  2. 12-99 (David Sauzay)
  3. Ask me now (Thelonious Monk)
  4. To hank Mobley (David Sauzay)
  5. Weed (Laurent Courthaliac)
  6. Kyser Sozée (David Sauzay)
  7. Everything happens to me (T.Adair - M. Dennis)
  8. Versus (Gaël Horellou)